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All Spiritual Tools are Not Created Equal!

“Each Tool is designed to enhance specific Spiritual areas according to the exact specifications used in the Ancient Yoruba philosophy of West Africa”

There are four components that combine to produce a powerful Spiritual tool:

1. The tool must be consecrated with ritual and specificity to the person receiving it
2. The tool will always reflect the world view of the priest constructing it. If the priest believes women are less worthy than men, that certain races or nationalities’ are better than others, that one sexual preference is better than another, the tool will reflect that in its energy.
3. The tool will be as powerful as the wisdom and experience of the priests that construct it. Each living tool that we offer represents more than 60 years of current experience, and ase’
4. The energy that the priest connects to in order to infuse the tool reflects the intermediate point of connection. This intermediate point, or physical Orisa, reflects all of the above, plus its own accumulated ase’ (eternal energy). Each tool we offer reflects the ase’ of the only complete Sacred Orisa Gardens in the Western Hemisphere. Gardens where literally thousands of ceremonies, ebbos and offerings have produced the most intense energy vortex within the physical Orisa, allowing our intermediate connection to transfer this level of intensity to your personal tool.

The following video is where that transference take place:


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