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 Iyanifa Vassa has opened the opportunity for a personal Year Reading threaded together with the Oracle cast by the Ifa Foundation for 2018.  Set aside the time for this. The specifics for your particular situation will be revealed and you will have direct access to the answers.


All the "see-ers" in our ancient times used wands for empowering themselves to elevate their connections to the powerful vortexes around us.  This years New Year reading announces this new wand for aligning with the powerful matrix of Oya and the Odu's the reading reveals we need to align with. Amazing wood from the sacred black locust tree...copper...amber eyes and a headpiece of amethyst.  Feels amazing to hold it.  


 Open to another level as you tap the earth with your Sacred Spirit Staff. Align the wisdom from the Oracle with the elements connected with this ancient tool.


 Stunning and powerful. Oya's elements all in one strand. Amethyst, copper, mask, Oya ashe! Get ready. Put one on and see what happens next!

$100.00 incredible combination! This year, be better prepared for shifting from the what was!


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