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Alafia, and welcome to the Spiritual Tools store of the Ifa Foundation. This is the marketplace where you can find the essentials needed to facilitate and sustain balance on the path of Ifa.

A tool is an instrument used to shape and form a given object. Our selection of Spiritual Tools indeed gives shape to our ability to achieve success in life, protect against negative elements, and maintain good health. There are also multiple tools to help form connections with the Orisa and with our Ancestors. We have a selection of educational materials (including books and DVDs), as well as items to promote general wellbeing, such as oils, soaps, herbs and inspirational music. Additionally, we offer services ranging from workshops on learning Orisa dance to ceremonies of initiation to Ifa.


  Getting Started


Whether you are new to the practice of Ifa, or wanting to deepen, there are numerous tools that can assist you on your journey. Following is my list of essential items:

Esu - Orisa Esu opens doors to new opportunities. I maintain an Esu S’ango by my front door, an Esu Ogun in my car for safe driving, a small travel Esu to keep with me during my travels, and a pocket Esu which I keep in my purse.

Ide - The Ide is a bracelet worn for protection. It comes to us as the result of a pact between Orunmila (the Creator) and Iku (Death). There was a time when Iku would take the children of Orunmila capriciously, often before they had lived long enough to fulfill their Destiny. Iku agreed to not take Orunmila’s children before their time. The Ide was created so that Iku could identify them. Worn on the left wrist, the Ide prevents Death before your time.
Sigidi - The Sigidi is a protective energy.  Sigidi shields our home and family against negative energy of any kind. I keep one of these figures at each entryway of my house.

Icofa - Icofa is a tool for having a more direct connection to Orunmila through the practice of offering monthly Ebbo and prayer.

Prayer Beads - Practitioners of many world religions use hand-held strands of beads as an aid to prayer and meditation. I have several sets of prayer beads, all of which have been consecrated in a ceremony to bind them to an Orisa, or to the Egungun (Ancestors). They are a physical reminder of a personal goal, journey or special time. Portable and beautiful, they provide comfort and focus as well as encourage relaxation.

Ancestor Staff - The Ancestors are one of the three pillars of Ifa, and regular communication with them is essential for our balance and wellbeing. I hold my Ancestor staff while praying as it helps me to focus on and connect with Spirit.

Black Soap - The healing properties of black soap make this an essential item, as its regular use will wash away any negative energy that may have been picked up in the course of daily activities.

Shea Butter - The moisturizing and healing properties of shea butter have recently been discovered by the western cosmetic industry, but shea butter has been an African beauty secret for centuries. I use it in Ebbo, and also keep a personal supply on hand to take care of my hair and skin.

Lastly, although you may find some of these tools in other places, please remember that not all Spiritual Tools are created equally.

There are four components that combine to produce an effective Spiritual Tool:

  1. The tool must be consecrated with the appropriate ritual, and personalized for the individual receiving it.
  2. The tool will reflect the world view of the priest constructing it. If, for example a priest believes that women are less worthy than men, that certain races are better than others, or that same-sex relationships are inherently immoral, the tool constructed or consecrated by that priest will reflect that energy.
  3. Conversely, the tool will only be as powerful as the wisdom and experience of the priest who constructs and consecrates it. Here at the Ifa Foundation, each tool we offer is imbued with more than 60 years of current experience and asé.
  4. The priest must be able to have a strong connection to the asé of the physical manifestation of Orisa consciousness. Each tool we offer reflects the asé of Ola Olu, the only complete Sacred Orisa Garden in the Western Hemisphere. Ola Olu has and continues to be the locus of thousands of ceremonies, Ebbo and offerings, producing a reservoir of intense connection to the Orisa, which in turn is imbued onto your tool.

I invite you to take a look around the Spiritual Tools store. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Blessings to you on your journey. Spirit is everywhere.

Iya Mahea

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