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We are a family that started out more than a 40 years ago on a search for a positive, empowering and logical spiritual philosophy to guide and enhance our life’s…part need, part curiosity, and part dissatisfaction with what Western spirituality seemed to offer. It was in 1974 that we first encountered African Spiritual philosophies, and we immediately responded to this personal relationship and connection with the Natural Earth Energies as well as the innate understanding that the Universe was inherently benevolent.

That began a journey to understand its roots and its relevancy to our lives. That Journey resulted in re-discovering Ifa in the African Tradition, and the founding of the Ifa Foundation of North America inc., a not for profit foundation created to disseminate information on this powerful path. Our books: The Way of the Orisa – HarperCollins Publishing, The Sacred Ifa Oracle – HarperCollins Publishing, The Energy Matrix of Ifa & Ifaing, introduced African Ifa to both mainstream and academic America. We created, maintain and continue to expand the only Spiritual Orisa Shrines and Gardens in the Western Hemisphere and perhaps the world. It is called Ola Olu, - Gift from God- and hosts visitors from all over the world who wish to personally experience these sacred energies. We created extensive Web Sites, destroying the self-serving veil of secrecy, with free information on genuine African spirituality, in order to restore the roots of this major philosophy as well as combat the gender, racial, and sexual discrimination that that was designed to reverse the concept of empowerment and benevolence to control and dependency.

Through it all we have raised our children in the tradition, learned how to maintain our own loving relationship and to help others obtain or create their own. We have managed this through the systematic use of the Natural Earth energies that are inherently part of the Universe.

Now, through our Spiritual Tools site, we are bringing to others a broad selection of authentic African Spiritual Tools that have, for thousands of years, positively impacted the lives of those that use them.  It is not imperative that you practice Ifa in order to benefit from it. These Tools are living proof .Each and every Spiritual tool we offer is guaranteed, and certified, as to its authenticity in relationship to historical African standards.


Philip, Vassa & Joshua




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