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Transformation: Reaching the end of this life's journey...

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  • What should become of the tools?
  • How "dying" is the BIG lie!
  • Ways of arranging, or getting ready for, the funeral
  • What should those entering the transformational  phase experience
  • What part do you and in the future
  • Plus lots more ...


A 45 minute, 6-part conversation with Oluwo Phil Neimark. Available for instand download.


ISBN 0-9741416-3-1


Instructions for download...


Step 1: Go to  and download "DNL Reader" - this is the program you will need in order to open the book file.  (If you purchased other E-books, you will not need to download the reader again)


Step 2: After downloading the E-Book, open the file with DNL Reader and enter the activation key that will be sent to you. If you do not get an activation key within 24 hours, please contact us with your order # and one will be provided for you.

Customer Reviews
Alafia Iya,

I just wanted to drop a short note—not so short. With the assistance of your son Dash, I was finally able to download the Oluwo’s e-video book. I was also able to watch it for the first time. I will watch it again and again, especially when I need to reaffirm my sense of purpose.

I must admit initially, I was uncomfortable because I normally read about this subject but don’t get to see someone addressing it in such a simple, no nonsense manner. Actually, I have heard recordings of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross discussing death and dying, but not from such a practical, no frills approach, and though her voice is a like a ghost whisper because she is now on the ancestral plane (if not sitting at the foot of Oludumare—she is very close—as she did remarkable work during her stay here) there is not the immediacy of hearing that you too will be making this final journey.

The Oluwo talks about what happens when you make your transition and what it means for your life. He discusses both the temporal and spiritual aspects of this evolvement. I think that being present at my mother’s transition made this e-video book more poignant. Because I believe that all things are connected—I found it interesting that I was watching it a few weeks before the 1st year anniversary of her physical departure and when so many questions are coming up again. I think that as we get older, if we are honest with ourselves, we are all aware that we have limited time in the marketplace … but to be given a meaning for our time here … it is a beautiful thing.

I woke up this morning remembering a dream where I was one of two little boys on a rooftop overlooking what looked like a North African town. I couldn’t tell if it was sunset or sunrise. My father was warning me to get down before I hurt myself. But I was happily jumping up and down pointing at the sun. It was a beautiful sky—it must have been night—hues of gold, purple, red and I felt the coolness of the desert night. I woke up before the scene completed, and I woke up wondering if it was a dream or a glimpse of my ancestral past...

God bless you Iya and the Oluwo. Thank the Oluwo for sharing his remarkable insights and vision. Love and blessings –your student – Cherise
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