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Esu/Ellegua Aje with Cowrie Shells

SKU: ST174
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This is a very strong connecting tool for bringing GREAT strength for one's potential to have financial success. Esu is the energy matrix for opening paths and roads...and now add the focus on the doorway to wealth with the cowrie shells and the ceremonies that direct the life forces into this piece...the person that has this to work with will increase their level of intent while working with Esu/Aje. All ceremonies are done by high Ifa Priests...Babalawos and Iyanifa's at the Ola Olu Retreat in Central Florida.

Certificate of Authenticity along with instructions on how to be most effective in using this powerful prosperity tool!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Baba T, 03/04/2013

ESU Aje will strengthen your life in all the aspects of wealth. Excellent tool with tremendous Ase!

Reviewed by Anna , 12/13/2011

The Aje tool is simply wonderful.

I recommend this Esu Aje tool for anyone interested in the Orishas or the Orisha Movement!... The Ifa Foundation is a great starting place to learn more about the Orisha!

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