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Eshu for Attracting success in wealth and love


  Perfectly scaled for travel...this small but mighty spiritual tool is filled with the ashe from both the Eshu ceremonies and the Oshun ceremonies at the Sacred Gardens of the Orisa in central Florida.

Each one is a one-of-a kind creation with your name blessed into it.   The shells may vary in coloring and shape as they are made by nature and no two are alike.  This one is approx. 3.5" in length.  The eyes are created from sparkling beads; the nose from a miniature key and an open mouth is created from a metal ring.  They are truly magical looking in person.
Benefits are:  To have the opportunities for attracting more success in love and joy where-ever you go on your destiny path. 
Each one comes with:  A special prayer; a suggested list of offerings; instructions on how to best use this spiritual tool as well as the Certificate of Authenticity.

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