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OSHUN NECKLACE w/garnet stone beads & bronze mask


The mask on this creation is truly beautiful...a real work of art.  Each one will have slight variations in the way it looks as they are hand made in Africa and imported directly to us.

This piece was created with these intentions:  SUCCESS in all your endeavors with a special focus on Love, Joy and Business!
The real garnet stone beads are shaped in unique organic forms.  The antique copper tubular beads are also hand made.  This piece really stands out in the crowd.  It seems to emanate a true richness and raises the level of your standing!
Blessed with your name into it and with the ashe of the sacred Oshun Shrine.  
A certificate of authenticity will be included with a prayer to Oshun.  
Send us your final length and we will customize it to fit you!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Raquel , 02/24/2013

This is truly a beautiful piece. Wearing gives me s sense of lightheartedness; enhanced confidence in all that I do...and just puts me in that lovable mode with everyone.
I am also getting the anklet that goes with it for good measure.