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Esu Sango - Elegua

Esu Sango - Elegua
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SKU: ST555
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Powerful ase with this great Esu/Sango.  Strengthen your ability to strategize…add more to your creativity and ability to see the big picture.  Feel the fire from within your core as this Esu/Sango opens your paths and roads to provide a greater opportunity to align with.  Each one will have a special horn from the ceremonies at Ola Olu.  Each one will have a bronze sword for a nose but realize that as Iya V goes into prayer with your name in the intention…each one will become a one-of-a-kind!

Your special connecting spiritual tool will go through two powerful ceremonies…one at the Esu shrine and the other at the Sango shrine to produce the elevated level of energy matrix that you will be able to triangulate with as we teach you how to do this from our years of experience.  
Your special Esu / Sango will come with a list of offerings you can do yourself…a great prayer for helping you really get started with knowing more of how to work with your spiritual tool and a certificate of authenticity.
Usually Iya V can ship within a week from when you place your order.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by suffi , 03/18/2013

I bought it for my daughter whose guardian Orisa is SANGO ( I did the reading for that at Ifa Foundation, also a very great and helpful reading). It is very powerful and I can see my daughter getting more powerful every day as she is connecting with the energy of sango!