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Ogunniyi - Greg Kimball


 Ogun Priest, Ogunniyi has been on a spiritual quest since early childhood.  He      has traveled many journey's to find his way to the path of Ifa. Through the many  life  experiences he has gained an enormous foundation to incorporate in his  work  today.  Ogunniyi is on his way to being an Ifa Priest and is currently    apprenticing  with the Ifa Foundation for this initiation in 2017.

  Currently, Ogunniyi is a full-time GateKeeper at the world renoun, Sacred Orisa     Gardens in Central Florida where he wears many hats. 


Ogunniyi is co-partnering with Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Fagbamilia in all types of ceremonies and in the building of sacred Orisa Gardens and Spiritual Tools.  He brings so much knowledge and a very deep positive energy.

Ogunniyi has been a very successful coach and has been instrumental in transforming people's lives for years.  He has a very unique way of working with an individual...using his beautiful heart energy with an open third eye.  His abilities are plentiful and he is constantly adding to his base for the interest of elevating what he is truly capable of giving to all those that enter his presence.  

Working with Ogunniyi has been exciting and meaningful  Everyone that has the opportunity to be connected with him will move forward in their journey with much more than they came in with.


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