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Obatala Prayer Beads

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In spiritual practices all over the world...people hold onto a special amulet that adds to the abilities to connect.

We now offer prayers beads for each Orisha as well as for the Ancestors, Orunmila, Ela.
This photo displays the creation for Obatala.  Of course each one will be made by hand and is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Each one uses a variety of materials...from beads made of seeds, metal, stones, taugua, special glass and more.
As well as bells and amulets of all kinds.  Each specific energy will dictate which colors, shapes and materials will be incorporated.
You can order one for:
Eshu, Obatala, Oko,  Ochun/Osun, Ogun, Oya, Yemonja/Olokun, Ososi, Osanyin, Sigidi, Ibeji, Ori, Ancestors, Orunmila and Ela.
We are also adding 
One for using while praying for improving your health...order it using the word: Health
And one for improving your chances for greater success..order it using the word:  Success
And one for increasing your chances for attracting a relationship...using the word:  Relationship
Each is approx. 10" long.  We have them all ...
Each one will be blessed at the specific altar at the Sacred Orisha Gardens with your name in the prayers. Instructions, prayers and a Certificate of Authenticty will be included.
Order one for a good friend or family them get started on making positive changes in their lives.
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