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Ori Potion - Blessed Igbin Liquid

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Refresh your thoughts…clear your head…renew your mind.
That is what happens when you begin misting this unique liquid all around your head!
Immediate reactions take place.

Some people say it even makes them smile!
You can start your day with a light mist before you take off…aligning your day for whatever comes into your path.
And then mist again when you arrive back home and settle into your sacred space.

Some people even pack it with them and use it all throughout the day.
The ingredients are straight from the aquarium that is filled with snails that are
swimming in water that is blessed everyday by Iyanifa Vassa.

The juice the snails secrete is a powerful healer.
A lot of countries have used this liquid for healing work for centuries.

It is an old natural remedy.
Those that use it once…make sure they have a supply around all the time.

We have many reorders on this!
The bottle is approx. 7” tall.

We are shipping this all over the world now.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by John , 02/04/2011

The ori potion is also perhaps the best thing I've ever used. It is cooling both to my skin and ori and I feel it evaporating away all of the junk that gets me worried or frustrated. I want to keep deepening this connection and seeing where it continues to take me.

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