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Ibeji Bracelets


This photo is showing three different beaded creations for connecting with the Ibeji energy specifically.

For the men: (bottom left)...the pendant is a pearl shell in an elongated shape (to represent the male genetallia)
and the stone beads that dominate are made of Howlite Lapis in a tumbled pebble shape...alternated with real betalnut seeds drilled for stringing.
There are some antique bronze beads that alternate and accent along with a centering of Jasper stone beads.
For the women:  All of the same beads are used but there is a switch in which ones are the main dominate ones.  The creation for the women has the tumbled Jasper (blood red in color) stone beads for the majority of the length and the center piece pendant is a double natural pearl bead.
The necklaces are each made to be worn  a little higher up than some of the other ones in our line. (closer to your heart)  Two tubular metal beads are at the clasp end. (Nice African carved motif)
For those that have been part of the conception of a child...where the spirit matrix has been created but for some reason the child did not make it to full term...it is very important that the male and female partners that were involved have a connection with the baby's spirit energy.
It is very important to bring harmony to the home and nobility in the lineage as you align the spirit in the ancestor world.  You will see how this will bring those children that were allowed to live a healthier and more prosperous life as well.
We have offered the Ibeji figures for many years now...both in bronze lost wax casting as well as the carvings in wood from the Nigerian artisans.  
We have also created a matching bracelet that has a smaller verion of the pearl bead as the centerpiece.
Each will come with the Ibeji prayer and a Certificate of Authenticity as it is blessed in a very deep ceremony at the Ibeji garden in your name.
The necklaces are $75 each and the bracelet is $55

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