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Ancestor Stone Necklace

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Now you can connect with the  Ancestral energy in a much more ancient way. Through the accumulated ase that is now a part of each stone necklace you will not be able to miss some exciting messages from those whose blood runs through your veins.
A combination of fossil agate, citrine and Iolite with a few other goodies sprinkled in...joined on sturdy flexible coated bead wire...with a feature at the centerpoint of an antique-looking silver filigree locket that conceals a tiny rock from the ancestor shrine...all put together and brought to the main Ancestor Altar at the potent Ola Olu Spiritual Retreat where rituals have and will continue to be performed to the Ancestors.
Each necklace is triangulated with the energy of the ancients at the highest ritual level there and then activated with your name at the time you place your order.
Seeing one in person is unforgettable. They stick with you.  We recommend having one of these this year so you can truly deepen your connections with all the strength and support your ancestors want to bring to you in your life. It is a time for greater opportunites...knowing how to best handle them can only being enhanced by your Ancestors.  They are there to guide you and protect you and to bring your life wholeness.
Tap into their experience, gifts and love with a bit more intensity ... treat yourself and your destiny path to one of these wonderful wonderful pieces of energized art.
Certification, instructions and a special Prayer for the Ancestors will be included in your package.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jim , 01/10/2011

Ago! Iya!!!

Peace and Blessing to you and your family!
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I LOVE the ancestor necklace. It is absolutely beautiful. Although I havenít worn it yet, for now it rests on my altar. Thanks again for taking the time to customize my order. And as always,
Much love and respect

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