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Divining Chains/Opeles

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$75.00 - $85.00
SKU: ST102
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Each opele is created with unique materials but all opeles use the finest swivels for the best action as well as a center piece for balancing the sides of each leg.   Oluwo Oduwole has taken on the position of being the artisan of all our chains now!  He puts so much thought and great ase into each one!  We offer them to you as consecrated pieces...being blessed in the sacred Ifa Initiations...however if someone desires one without that, we can accommodate.  If someone has something special they want incorporated into theirs...we can also custom create.  There are several sizes too.  The smaller traveling ones can really only use the coconut pieces...due to the limitations of the scale of the opele seed pods themselves. 


We have Opeles availble in the following options for you to choose from (simply make your selection above in the drop down menu):


Seed Pod Type - $75.00

Coconut Type - $75.00

Travel Style - $75.00

Ceramic - $85.00



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