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Ifa Divination with Oluwo Phil

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Divination is a process of the triangulation of energy. This triangle includes the Diviner, the client and Orunmila (Arula). If Diviner's are limited by their ability to perceive this energy triangulation in any way other than having the client sitting across the mat, or table, it is their personal limitation, not the limitation of Orunmila. In Divination, as in all areas of life, there are different levels of ability, intellect and understanding. It would seem more logical and effective to have your Divination performed by someone comfortable with, knowledgeable about and successful in, the current cultural and technological world we live in, rather than someone stuck in past.

1. When placing your order, suggest in the comment section of the ordering form…what days and times work best for your schedule. Many people chose to do their Phone Divinations in the evenings…after work and or dinner. When selecting times…please take into consideration that the Home Office of the Ifa Foundation is in Central Florida and is in the time zone of Eastern time.

2. You will receive an email responding to setting up an agreeable time with consideration of both schedules. In the majority of situations… your reading can be done within a 48 hour time period. IF there is an emergency…please let us know.

3. When the day and time are set and confirmed…you would then make sure that YOU CALL the office of the Ifa Foundation at the exact time that is agreed upon.

4. IF YOU LIVE IN THE U.S.CALL Toll Free: 1-800-906-4322 OR IF YOU PREFER...USE THE REGULAR # 1-386-615-0987. 

5. Be prepared to have a quiet 30 to 45 minutes in your life so you can focus on the Reading. Taking notes is recommended….as there will be important ideas shared that you will want to keep on hand to move forward with.

You will be contacted for a mutually acceptable time for your divination as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tealy , 10/27/2011

Awesome. Vassa is my new best friend. Remarkable insights with divination. She has enlightened my life in such a short span of time. Amazing

Reviewed by Sharon , 09/24/2011

Iya Vassa is always able to help me stop narrowing the issue too much and focus on the whole picture to resolve the things I need to handle in my life.

Reviewed by D , 08/18/2011

Iya Vassa is extraordinary. She's helped me transform not only my life, but my character in so many ways. Her ability to nurture, heal, and teach are amazing. She's so hands-on (literally) with helping you empower your life that her ase stays with you. It's been almost fours years since I was initiated as an Iyanifa at Ola Olu and she's aid me in finding my purpose every step of the way. I am forever grateful for the insight, the meaning she brought back into my life, and the endless love, blessings, and support. Ase!

Reviewed by Steve , 01/09/2011


Thanks for the divination last night, I am always amazed at how our connection continues to grow over the years and I am very grateful for your guidance and friendship.

All the very best