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Ososi Figure

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Add more to your ability to tap into the Ososi energy matrix with this great bronze cast talking drum piece.

It is hand-crafted through the art of lost wax cast from Ghana.  Standing 4" tall with great ase from the rituals performed on the Ososi altar at the Ola Olu retreat.

Created to allow the special connections with becoming more able to communicate more clearly...send your messages more accurately and forge ahead while going after what your intent truly is.  Everyone needs to know this energy.  All relationships would be more successful if people really knew how to tune in with the Ososi attributes.  I use mine daily...as I teach, write and express myself in so many ways.  I also use it with sharpening and honing in my success in dealing with my husband and children as well as the hundreds of clients I communicate with weekly.  A MUST HAVE TOOL !

Instructions and a Prayer to help you with your intent  will be included with your Certificate of Authenticity.

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