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Osanyin/Osain Figure with Horn

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Add more to your ability to tap into the Osanyin/Osain energy matrix with this great bronze cast medicine man.
It is hand-crafted through the art of lost wax cast from Ghana.  Standing 4" tall with great ase from the rituals performed on the Osanyin/Osain altar at the Ola Olu retreat.
Created to allow the special connections with herbal medicine.  This is an energy that strengthens our health, wealth and protects us from harms way all at the same time.  Quite a powerful combination to learn and grow our lives with!

The horn is that of a young spring buck..and it is filled with fresh herbs to get your started on your path of learning how to tune in more to deeper levels of powerful healing energies.
Instructions and a Prayer to help you with your intent  will be included with your Certificate of Authenticity.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anthony M, 12/24/2013

Great for deepening your connection with the plants. The possibilities are endless. Osanyin energy is extremely helpful in understanding our connection with the universe.

Reviewed by Harrison S, 10/27/2011

Perfect connection point for the Osanyin energy for your home altar. Horn can be used to hold herbs or flower offerings.