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Success Sachet

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For generations, the Nana's of our families would create special fabric pillows filled with herbal potions and tuck them into the lives of those they loved.  I have had the privilege of reading two very old diaries from the 1800's written by two of my female ancestors (one from my Greek side and one from my English/French side)…where during the days of their lives…they were helping family members become more successful in what they wanted them to have.  Areas such as finding true love and finding a good way to provide for themselves and their future families.  They would gather herbs that knew would be appropriate and then they would create potions and anoint the herbs to give the creation of their bundle…lots of ase.  All the while using whole lot of prayers…for the blessings of their intention to come true.  They would then quietly tuck one of these sachets into a place that was close to the person they were giving it to…such as under their pillow or mattress or inside a sachel they carried…all the while saying their prayers of intention…(wishes to come true for the person).

Now you can avail your modern day wishes and intentions with such an ancient concept…proven to have worked because we are here!  You can let me, Iya V, create this similar idea inside the personal sachet you are able to order now online and ask me to bless it for what your intention is…be it for you, your daughter or son, your significant other or?  I will work with you to create a magical powerful sachet in bringing success for just what you want and need.  Each one will be filled with beautiful energy and truly will be a unique gift.  Gift yourself.  Gift those your love.

When you order your Success Sachet …be sure to write a few words on a line about what you want to have written inside the triangular glass locket…or…you can write what you want when it arrives and place it inside the locket yourself.  It is a great idea to connect with what the ancestors created and found so helpful in bringing greater success in their lives.

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