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Ancestor Staff

SKU: ST119
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This is a great new creation with a real old connection to the Earth.

Each Staff is made of an old piece of wood that was found on ancient raw land
In New Mexico.  


They are treated with a wonderful stain, decorated  with beads, bells, ribbons and feathers and then brought into the ceremonial grounds at the Ola Olu Retreat for consecration with the Ancestral Energies.

Holding one of these (while praying to your Ancestors) will add a powerful strengthening to your ancestral connecting. 

Each one is unique. A lot of Ase is placed onto them in the highest of rituals at the Ancestor Shrine.    No one else has such an item...great gift for someone you care about after you get one for yourself of course!!!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dawn , 11/08/2012

Absolutely Majestic and Inspiring. It took my prayers and meditation to my ancestors to a completely new level. A must have!